Organizational Skills

How do you know if your current organizational skills are good enough?

Organizational skills are essential to an individual’s success to help a person; plan, prioritize, and achieve his or her goals. Also, good organizational skills teach individuals to stay focused, complete tasks, and better utilize time so that students can successfully complete their online course work. Preparing, planning, and implementing best practices will; prevent frustration, late assignments, and procrastination.

On this page you will finds tips, resources and information about planning and getting organizied. After reviewing the information visit the self assessment “Access your organizational skills“.

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decoration 10 Organizational Tips

  • Sleep and Wake Up on Time
  • Determine Your Best Time to Study
  • Develop a Schedule (Plan at the beginning of the week)
  • Set Daily Goals
  • Take Notes

For More Info.

  • Create a Clean Workspace
  • Organize Your Materials
  • Turn Off the Distractions
  • Form a Study Group
  • Use Your Phone for Reminders