Work Space and Environment

Tips on Setting Up a Work Space

For individuals starting online courses it is important to set yourself up for success. One area that is very important is a distraction free study work space. Your work space environment should be comfortable, appealing, and a place you can be productive. 

There are 4 key elements presented on this page and other resources to help you get organized and prepare a distraction free work space and study environment.

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4 Key Elements of a Successful Work Space

decoration Getting Started

decoration Remove all Distractions

  • Equip your work space with a computer, printer, power cords, etc.
  • Check your course syllabus for each course and look for any extra hardware you might need.
  • Have a wired broadband internet connection.
  • Have textbooks, pens, pencils, notebooks available.
  • Plan for organization – have folders, stacking trays, etc.
  • Place your phone on silent. Consider also placing your phone in another location.
  • Restrict your web surfing (stayfocused, a free Google ext. to assist with web browsing)
  • Be careful with any music you play – your mind might wander and focus on the lyrics
  • Wear noise-cancelling headphones if you are listening to music

decoration Organize Your Time

decoration Name a Place

  • Be careful to use your time wisely.
  • Eliminate interruptions/distractions.
  • Learn to say no. Make studying a priority.
  • Focus your energy on studying.
  • Set aside a space as your student space and make it your online classroom.
  • Have a desk or table dedicated to your online studies
  • Have adequate lighting to reduce eye strain